Vacation or Holiday Types

Jan 13, 2021

Holiday or Vacation Types

Activity Holiday
A holiday on which you spend your time doing a particular activity such as walking, canoeing, rock-climbing, painting, or cooking.

Adventure Holiday
A type of organized holiday in which people do new and exciting things, for example a trek or a safari.

A special holiday taken by parents-to-be before their first baby is born.

A short holiday

Humorous; a very short holiday in which you go to a place and come back on the same day.

An occasion when you go away on holiday.

Tourism; a short visit to an interesting place arranged by a tourist organization, often as part of a holiday.

British; a stay on a farm as a paying guest, giving you experience of life in the country.

British; including a flight on a plane and hire of a car when you arrive somewhere.

Gap Year
British; a year, usually between finishing school and starting university or college, when you travel or work.

Informal; a short holiday.

An occasion when you go and stay in another place for pleasure.

British; informal old-fashioned holidays.

A holiday that two people take after they get married.

House Swap
An arrangement where two families exchange houses for a holiday.

Jeep Safari
An organized journey with a group of other people in a four-wheel drive vehicle, for example to look at wild animals.

Lecture Tour
A journey that includes lectures on the places or buildings that you visit and the paintings or other objects that you see.

A short holiday for only two or three days.

Package Deal
Tourism; a package holiday, especially at a special low price.

Package Holiday
British; a holiday arranged by a travel company for a fixed price that includes the cost of your hotel and transport, and sometimes meals and entertainment.

R and R
Mainly American; a holiday that people in the armed forces get during a war or after a long period of hard work.

A journey, especially to Africa, in order to watch, take pictures of, or hunt wild animals.

Safari Holiday
A holiday that includes a safari.

British; a self-catering holiday or place is one where you can cook your own food.

British; a self-drive holiday is one where you drive to the place where you will stay instead of taking a train or plane.

Special Interest Holiday
A holiday arranged for people with particular interests, such as painting, cooking, or bird-watching.

Humorous; a holiday in which you stay at home and visit places near to where you live, or a holiday in your own country.

Study Tour
A visit to a country or an area in which you go to different places and have lectures and classes.

Summer Camp
A place where children can go to stay in the summer holiday and do various activities.

Mainly American; a holiday.

Mainly American; Informal vacation.

Walking Tour
A trip on which you walk from one place to another, spend the night, and then continue walking the next day.

Working Holiday
A holiday during which you work, for example doing unpaid work to benefit the community in which you are staying.